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Labels for the Bread and Jam company

Bread and Butter Strawberry Jam imbues a luxurious, exclusive charm to the viewer.  This perfectly conveys the quality of the product, which is packed full of excellence.  The curving black, 3D borders for the title of the company and name of the jam, in addition to the size of the typeface, are in a flattering proportion and alignment with the underscoring and motifs.  This affords perfect prominence to the wording.  The simple typeface used in ‘Bread & Butter’ gives the logo a modern twist, but the classical ‘&’ sign and dressy motif above the wording, wink at a presence of traditional ingredients.  The employment of the underscoring within the logo enhance the opulent appearance of the whole logo.  The impeccable modesty of the logo and its luxury are played on wonderfully with the classic, tasty, pink typeface that imparts on the viewer the real flavour of the product.  Alongside this, the motif of the black leaves at the end of the design afford extra wholesomeness to this design.