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Edward Crawford website

This website is constructed to enable the work of this photojournalist to tell its own story.  Whether you are on the homepage, finding out about the photojournalist, or browsing his portfolio of photographs or articles, the integrity of the photojournalist is found coming through.  This is enabled through the simple, stylish, functional construction of the website, that acts as the perfect canvas for this photojournalist’s aims.  All information throughout the website is kept clear, fundamental, incredibly responsive, and simply accessible.  By doing this, it adds more weight to the presence of the stunning photographs, blogs and stories, successfully depicting the view of the wider world, and the point of view of the issues facing divergent cultures.


Edward Crawford Logo concepts

This client was originally called ‘high seas’, and here is the initial selection of logos presented to the client to choose a favoured design from.  The images of the souped-up photojournalist and edgy ship crashing across the buoyant waves, bring the high-octane choice that appropriately fits the agenda of the client.  The shining beacon that is the lighthouse is still a crowning choice to assert the profession of the client, highlighting news from one corner of the world to another.  The exuberance and relevance of the designs are there in all, but the fun and sassy features are there to be seen in the awesome modifications of the more elemental, smooth designs.  This is certainly a versatile mixture of design concepts – each one being inventive


Edward Crawford final logo design

The logo decided upon by this client is subtle and intelligent, yet awash with action.  The action is conveyed via the camera, not only expressing this photojournalist’s passion for his photography, but the expertise of his work too.  The lapping of the high wave signifies the journeys taken by the photojournalist, in order to explore the heart of issues being faced by people across the globe.  The white, refined integration of angular and circular shapes give the logo subtlety, and the symbolism within it points up its intelligence.