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The Old Cannon Brewery infographic for how do they brew

The ‘How do we brew’ infographic is a smart, functional design that is presenting the process of brewing beer with real added knack.  The illustrations are superlative and completely nail this characterisation of creating beer, bringing to it a fun, sunny, dazzling reaction.  The convivial beer tap that draws attention to the ‘r’ in brew, attached by a pipe to the beer casks (actively flowing the beer from the casks to the glass) is an excellent design feature, which transfers the text to the illustrations with sheer ease.  The tones used in the illustrations infuse together productively, with the bright, orange and yellows bubbling together, in addition to the blue, brown and yellow hues blending, setting in motion just the right amount of colour and impact across the dark, granite grey backdrop.  This wonderfully spotlights the infographic, as does the chunky, white, lowercase typeface of ‘how do we brew’.  The white details in the illustrations expertly establish the illustrations, ensuring the brewing up of this treat for the eyes and mind!!