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Web Design for Appetite me artisan food consultants

The white, broad wording of Appetite me, with its elongated capitals, allows a swanky effect to this design.  This is underscored with the horizontal underlining upon which the wording rests.  The wording of ‘artisan and food consultants’ are equally elongated, but own a wafer-like quality that plays homage to the grand impression of the logo and web design.  The design of the lettering ‘since 2002’ is astutely translucent, encased by a white oblong, with further underscoring that instils in the logo a perception of tradition.  This is topped off by the wonderful motif that crowns the lettering and finalises its grandiose, which the whole design succeeds in exuding.  This is beautifully served by the elegant image of the artichoke heads in the background, which emanate hues of green and purple throughout.  Brought together, this produces a gorgeous setting for the rich wording.


The Appetite me web design includes a sumptuous sprinkling of delicious and inviting images, which are a hint to the services offered by Appetite me.  These images are triggered by complimentary text which denotes a serviceable, elementary navy typeface that entirely accompanies the tones and hues that are to be found within these images.