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Web Design for JW Warren in Bury St Edmunds

J W Warren electrical empowers an authoritative, broad, uppercase ‘JW’ and this prompts you to consider it.  A lowercase ‘Warren’ that sits underneath the ‘JW’ points up the substantial black typeface and it’s straight to the point charm.  The word ‘electrical’ in an italic typeface, excellently correlates beneath the impact of ‘JW Warren’.  The way in which the light bulb fuses with the word ‘electrical’ is a sharp light bulb moment! Which sets off the dynamic approach of this serviceable logo.  All this contributes to a delivery of energy in the logo.  The thick grey and white brushstrokes aside ‘JW Warren Electrical’ are an inventive, original and intelligent way of featuring the logo and separating it from the background image of the web design.  The background image of the web design is practical, professional and gives focus to the operation of JW Warren (whilst not forgetting the importance of the ‘trust mark’).  The teal, dense, rectangular border on top of the logo and web design is an appealing colour that wins in accompanying ‘JW Warren Electrical’.  This is as well as accompanying the thick grey, white brushstrokes.  This also spotlights the contact info for the company.  The text above the brushstrokes matches that of the colours of the brushstrokes and therefore fits in productively with this.