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Web Design for White Wave Therapy in Bury St Edmunds

The White Wave logo is a smooth, rolling wave that is rugged, like the stroke of a paintbrush.  It gives motion to the design and carries with it a tranquil mood that symbolises the natural, holistic therapies offered by White Wave.  The typeface in ‘white wave’ is expertly applied to accentuate the serene swirl of the literal white wave.  This has been created through the light weight, but dynamic typeface in ‘white’ and the robust potency of ‘wave’.  This rests beautifully against the graphite oblong, with mild, white text, but a hint of green glinting at you.  In the web design, the thick, grass green brim on top of the graphite oblong fuses perfectly with the other colours used to exhibit the logo.  The small, lowercase typeface used on the rest of the web page is mild, in keeping with the ambience that White Wave has.  The use of white instils a connotation of calm, expressed in the white lily, with a green stem that aligns with the tones in the logo.  The green use of ‘natural therapy’ and ‘holistic wellness’ continue an earthy impression in the page.  Each photo is bright and inviting, making you feel pampered just by looking at them!!