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Adaptive web design

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are appreciating the positive role played by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in determining the success of their marketing strategies. However, SEO is not static but rather keeps on evolving. Natalie Lines, writing for the Guardian, says that the algorithms that are used by search engines to determine the ranking are subject to change and improvement in line with their objective of achieving more accurate results. In this light, Google announced some new changes in the factors determining ranking that will take effect from April 1st, 2015.

Google and its New Policy on Mobile Friendly Websites

Sarah Angeles, reporting for the Business Daily, states that Google has made it easier to find mobile-friendly sites by ranking them higher in the search engine. In other words, mobile-friendliness will be used as a ranking signal. Google further states that the fundamental change will have an impact on all languages globally. The aim of the tech giant is to offer users relevant as well as high-quality search results. Entrepreneurs interested in testing the new application can use the mobile-friendly test in order to familiarise themselves with the technology prior to its commencement. Having said that, it is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure that their websites are mobile-optimized. Failure to do so may translate to fewer business prospects and slow growth.

Google and its New Policy on App Content

For the first time, Google will start displaying and ranking content sourced from mobile apps. App indexing will now be a prominent feature in search engines. Users will have to be signed into Google and then have the app installed. The company has provided a step-by-step guide to app indexing.

Importance of Responsive Design

The term responsive design refers to a web design approach that shows that the design and development of the website can respond to the behaviour and the environment of the user based on screen size, orientation, and platform. It can also be known as adaptive web design. For example, switching from desktop to an iPad should be accompanied by an automatic switch to accommodate image size, resolution, and scripting ability.

Responsive web design is important due to a number of reasons. To start with, it eliminates the need for a different design and development for different websites in order to suit the usability of new gadgets released in the market. It should be noted that the advancement in technology leads to the unparalleled release of new gadgets on the market. It is almost impossible for web designers to keep up with the pace of such inventions. Even if they would, it would consume a lot of time, technical expertise, as well as resources.

Second, responsive web design is recommended by Google. There are other search engines which online users can use. However, Google commands the largest share and its dominance cannot be ignored. In fact, the giant search engine commands two-thirds of the market. Entrepreneurs who want to benefit from Google search engine ranking system must take a step to obey its rule and recommendations.

Third, adopting responsive design will help you rank higher in search engines. This is because it leads to increased use of blogging as well as social signals. As a general rule, the higher the ranking of a website in search engines, the higher the traffic, and in turn the higher the rate of conversion. Most importantly, business owners should ensure that they are not outranked in the long run. The fact is that the competitors are also in the business race as you are. Consequently, you have to attain a competitive edge in order to ensure that you retain high ranking in search engines.

Fourth, responsive design will help you carry out more extensive research concerning your online visitors and eventual analysis based on the findings. For example, data segmentation can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your target audience based on various variables such as age, sex, and geographical location of your online visitors. It should be noted that identifying your target audience can help you avoid wasteful advertisement. Similarly, feedback via mobile-friendly website usage will help you know your weak and strong areas and the appropriate response.

Fifth, responsive web design offers an optimal user experience. This is because the consumer is not restricted on device preference. In addition to that, consumers can visit your website anywhere and anytime. Moreover, features in responsive web design are friendly and provide convenience. For example, one does not need to waste time and effort in zooming and shrinking the text. Furthermore, one does not need to scroll or resize of your website.

Lastly, the use of mobile-friendly websites can help you tap into the potential of local clients. Google statistics show that in a number of years (2012 for instance) more than half of the local searches were conducted via a mobile device. The value of the local clients can never be underestimated. For example, if one experiences a water leakage, there is all the likelihood that one will contact a plumber who is in close proximity. Similarly, if a person suffers from a toothache at night, he or she will prefer visiting the nearest dentist.

The Future of Responsive Design

Key players in the web industry have had a broad consensus that the future of successful web design lies in its mobility. In this regard, businesses which lay a strong emphasis on sustainable business practices and marketing strategies must go mobile in order to be relevant in the future.

Globally, an increasing number of people are shying away from purchasing desktops in preference for smartphones and tablets. Similarly, societies that have shown hesitation in embracing technology have realised that mobile technology is no longer a need but a necessity.

Act Now

SEO can be carried out by the business owner (Do It Yourself). This can save the cost associated with operating a business. However, business owners should be careful not to compromise quality. In addition to that, responsive web design can be a technical area and it can also be time-consuming. Moreover, there is a high probability that the business owner may not have experience with responsive web design. In this light, seeking the opinion and services of a professional SEO company carries more advantages.

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Search Metrics, several ranking factors that show a positive correlation in Google UK organic results. These include keyword domains, keyword links, good content, backlinks, on-page technology, and social signals. In order to satisfy the increasing number of internet users who are using smartphones, Google has just added the use of mobile-friendly websites as a ranking factor. By implication, business owners should incorporate responsive web design into their SEO strategy. Overall, responsive web design will lead to better business performance and an optimal client experience.