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Responsive Website Design

Based in the beautiful town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, we are a small team of highly skilled web designers & developers, that work closely with our clients to come up with unique affordable website design solutions for all their web development needs.

When looking for someone to help you with your website design you could hire someone who just wants you to be impressed with the jobs they’ve done for other clients, Someone who does what they want to do. They will tell you this technology’s great, it’s cutting edge and it worked great for this client. Or You can hire someone that does what you want.

Someone who realises that other clients in other industries with other objectives are not you. We understand that what worked well for one client, may not be right for your site, your project, your objectives. We approach our business from the conviction that we’re here to give you, the customer, the most effective responsive website design possible.

Design the Website You Want

When you come to see us, we don’t spend time talking about what we can do and how we do it. We spend time talking about what you want. That means we actually spend a lot more time listening to what you need than we do talking about what great ideas we have, and what funky stuff we can throw up on the screen. Designing a great Website starts with one fact and never deviates from that: “What is the purpose of this site and what should it achieve?” Everything follows from that. If it doesn’t achieve your purpose, it’s not on the site. We don’t start with “the creative process.” We don’t start with what’s innovative. We don’t start with what the latest technology can do. We never start out with “Here are some ideas we’d really like to try.”

We start with What do you want? Before we even turn on our computers, we will make sure we know certain things: We will know who your target audience is. If one builds a site for a hot rod club the  same way one builds a site for investment professionals, disaster awaits. We will know what the site is meant to achieve. Is it a sales tool? Is it an information presence? Is it a customer service portal? Very different designs work for one and not the other. We will know the feel you want for the site. Along with its purpose & its target audience, we need to know how you want to present yourself. We can’t design something that delights you with how well it does what you want, without knowing who you want to “be” on the site.

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bury st edmunds web design

Fast & Responsive Websites

Then we get to work. We don’t bore you with tedious shop talk about resolution or proximity or alignments or contrast, we simply ask “Is this what you want? How can we make it better?” We know how to make a design that works across all devices, smartphones, laptops and tablets as well as desktops. You don’t need to know how to do all that. We can do that. You just need to be delighted with the results we show you. Do you want to approve every step along the way? Great, we can work that way. Do you want us to go away and not bother you until we have a mockup to walk you through? Fine, you don’t want calls from the development guys every few days. Up to you.

Do you have a strong preference in back-end content management systems? Great. Do you not know what they are? We’ll handle it. We’ll give you as much techie talk as you want, hey if you want to sit down with us and debate LAMP coding environments and the relative merits of PHP, MySQL as they relate to ongoing issues with maintenance and updating, semantic markup for SEO optimization, responsive frameworks and CSS3 integration, let’s grab coffee and do that. (We might learn something.) If you really couldn’t be bothered with geeking out, if you just know what you want the site to do, how you want it to look and how you want it to work for what you want to spend.

we’ll take care of it.  Just call us and let us listen to you.